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Lawn & Garden Services in Cairns


The Mow & Mulch Team
While we, Cody and Cherrie own and operate Mow & Mulch Lawn & Garden Maintenance we are backed by our great team of two brilliant guys who work well alongside us.

Arriving in Cairns in 2009 from Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand we started our business in 2012.

Coming from New Zealand to Australia was a huge change in itself let alone starting a lawn and garden maintenance business in Cairns, 'the tropical winterless north' where the weather is amazing one day, crazy hot another, wet the next but always beautiful!!

We strive to fulfill our customers requirements and pride ourselves in our work.

We are constantly growing and evolving.

If you're looking for a regular lawn and garden maintenance team, seen somewhere we've been and liked what we've done and want us to do it for you or jsut want to know if we can help give us a shout.

Either call Cody on 0447 041-115 or Cherrie on 0404 434-889 or flick us a quick email at